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Language Computer

Spanish to/from English

In 1994 “Fairfax, Virginia-based Globalink Inc, a provider of foreign language translation software, has launched The Language Computer, a portable translator that produces full sentence foreign language text and audio translations. The Language Computer, available for French or Spanish, is designed to make communication easier for international travellers, or for professionals who need to communicate with a non-English speaking public. The company claims the product is unique in that it is the only one available that enables users to type in and translate any sentence, unlike other electronic translators that provide only word and phrase translations. Earphones are included so the user can also hear the translations either in English or the foreign language. The Language Computer is based on the same software technology as Globalink’s Power Translator software for personal computers so that the translation quality is equivalent to that currently available from personal computer-based software, says the company. The Language Computer is based on a general dictionary of 200,000 word forms, combined with algorithms that analyse each sentence to determine each word’s part of speech and contextual meaning, resulting in translations claimed to be grammatically correct. Translations from Spanish or French into English and vice versa. In addition to its translation capabilities, the Language Computer also comes with features for personal organisation, such as a telephone directory, world time clock, personal database, and calculator. The palm-sized product weighs about 11 ounces and operates on two AAA-sized batteries.” -techmonitor

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